The team

Our team has grown from 9 to 30 people working at the domain. Each team member possesses extensive organic farming expertise. From agricultural engineers and oenologists to vineyard technicians and crop managers, everyone has considerable experience acquired in great vineyards.

Under the guidance of Aymeric Izard, our vineyard manager, they not only inject vital energy into the business but also make sure the entire team is aware of the innovative winegrowing and environmental practices that are being implemented.

Anne Besse

Présidente Famille d’Exéa

Aymeric Izard

Directeur général

Pierre-Alain Fresquet

Directeur des ventes nationales

Xavier Logette

Responsable des ventes à l’exportation pour l’Europe et l’outre-mer

Lucie Baudry d’Asson

Responsable des ventes, Occitanie

Pauline Marié

Responsable des ventes, Île de France

Elias Barza

Responsable des ventes, Île de France

Livia Hustaix

Responsable des ventes, BtoC et œnotourisme

Laura Ferté

Œnologue – Maître de chai

Sébastien Segonne

Directeur des cultures

Mélanie Maurin

Œnologue – Conseiller technique