Thriving to boost
ecological transition


We aspire to establish the Domaine d’Exéa as a welcoming haven, a place where people can
replenish themselves and where the region comes alive.

The idea is to pioneer a new growth model founded on human relationships
and harnessing the potential and talents of each individual.

Inheriting this exceptional architectural and agricultural legacy that is the Domaines d’Exéa is not only an incredible opportunity, but above all a great responsibility towards future generations.

We are therefore committed to ensuring that it becomes a dedicated haven for the preservation of the environment and that it reflects a solidarity-based economy.

  • Bearing this in mind, we reflected long and hard about sustainable development, the health of our planet and ultimately what we could do, at our own level, to help improve it. The urgency of tackling climate change is increasingly pressing, and every day we witness its most damaging consequences here in the Languedoc region.

  • Reducing our carbon footprint entails examining each gesture and each use of machinery with a view to eliminating all superfluous actions. We are implementing stringent energy efficiency regulations by reducing all mechanical activities emitting CO2. We have purchased near-autonomous robotic equipment to replace a tractor.

Considerably lighter and fitted with a more energy-efficient power generator, it reduces diesel consumption, limits the emission of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases, resulting in a lower carbon footprint. In addition, by assimilating atmospheric CO2, the grass cover introduced in the plots contributes to trapping carbon in a completely natural and efficient way.


Not only has the Famille d’Exéa decided to share its expertise and the domain’s heritage with its own teams of dedicated employees, it has also made a conscious decision to partner with associations supporting individuals participating in integration initiatives. We have established sustainable links with the IDEAL association, which runs workshops and integration projects. The Association seeks to facilitate the return to sustainable employment for people who are the furthest from the labour market and who are experiencing social and professional difficulties.

The IDEAL teams have already accomplished a great deal of work at the domain, from building the bat nesting boxes to the picnic tables for the food-truck and the fencing on the fringes of the property…


The domain is destined to grow into a genuine eco-responsible incubator and a meeting place for everyone.

The permaculture vegetable garden already caters for a large part of the needs of our food-truck, which is open to the public all year round.

Another key ambition of our venture is to become a place where people can learn and unwind. Yoga sessions and local cuisine cooking classes are already on offer, and plans for a FabLab and a digital mediation workshop are on the drawing board.

“We are committed to a sustainable approach to production – one that is viable, and economically efficient, but also one that is fair, conducive to human development and respectful of the environment – in other words, liveable”.